What is Bean Counters Live?

The short answer is Remote Hosted Bookkeeping. You log onto our server from a web browser on any computer anywhere in the world and use “QuickBooks“, “Quicken” or “Telios” accounting software to do your bookkeeping. We will set up your books. We can also provide as much, or as little bookkeeping services as you desire. This can be as little as answering bookkeeping questions by phone. When you call, one of our professional bookkeepers will log onto your account and “remote control” your session, taking over your mouse and providing “live” bookkeeping/accounting support; a kind of one-on-one webinar training right on the spot.  We’re also available to take over some, or all, or your bookkeeping tasks. The accounting programs are already multi-user versions, so you will still have access to your books while we are logged in and keeping your bookkeeping up to date!

To connect to our servers you will need to have Remote Desktop Connection installed on your device.  If you don’t have Remote Desktop Connection, you can download whatever version you need here:

Click here to download => Remote Desktop Connection

If you’re having difficulty logging on to our servers, we can help.  We will need to get access to your device to help you set up the connection correctly.  You will need to have TeamViewer installed on your device in order for us to log on to your device.  You can download the proper version here:

Click here to download => TeamViewer